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 Website: krcpower.com 

 Toll FREE: 800-451-1074 

 PUMPS AND PULLEY SYSTEMS                                                                                                             Tech Line: 770-422-5135

KRC How It's Made

Here is a video showcasing how we make our KRC Power Steering Pro Series III Pumps in our facility in Kennesaw, GA. These pumps were specifically designed for the professional racer where the most weight and horsepower savings are necessary. These pumps are the lightest and the most efficient pumps in the industry used by Lemans and Nascar series cars.

In our 2nd Video we show you our KRC Power Steering Pulleys being machined in our CNC Machines. After they are machined, all our pulleys are hard anodized to a 62 Rockwell hardness. This helps eliminate belt slippage and pulley wear plus give them a nice finished look.

For any technical questions, feel free to contact us at (770) 422-5135 during our business hours or email us at techhelp@krcpower.com.

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