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Engineered Performance

  • We Manufacture Aluminum & Cast Iron Power Steering Pumps
  • Multiple Sized Serpentine, HTD, and V-Belt Pulleys
  • Over 100 Complete Serpentine Pulley Kits for Chevrolet, Ford, and Dodge
  • Denso and Delco Alternator Brackets and Pulleys


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Welcome to @KRCPower to my long time friend @toddparott . Thanks for the follow Todd - from Jeff @BusinessButcher

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Zero Words..... https://t.co/hDmkTO5AmE

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Thanks @lead2group & @ConcordSpeedway .....Short Track Racing at its best. https://t.co/yt4JoOUuVY

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.@KyleLarsonRacin Absolutely congratulations. #earned

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Congrats WA STATE elite racer and Wenatchee Valley Speedway owner Garrett Evans. #Oxford250 https://t.co/ghKrD3wjCp

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Send Us Pictures!

If you are a racer or have an ride that uses KRC parts & equipment, email us a photo of your ride for a chance to be featured on our website! 

Send Photos to:     rides@krcpower.com

Power Steering Fluid

  • Extends Pump Life
  • Quite System Operation
  • Reduces Cavitation
  • Runs Cool
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